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27/09/2017 6:41:00 am

❤️ This Gorgeous Guy ❤️
|| F R E D D D I E ||

Freddie the giant teddie's Story:

Freddie is 8 years young.
On April 19th, 2016 Freddie bravely had his front leg amputated after being diagnosed with cancer and because of the pain that it was causing him. His physical and emotional recovery surpassed all expectations and he bounced back wonderfully. The vet did an amazing job and as you can see you can barely see a scar.

On May 8th he had his first round of Chemo treatment.

In June Freddie's mum and dad made the decision to cease Chemotherapy as it was causing side effects that meant reducing the dosage and would render the chemo ineffective anyway - they made the kind and selfless decision to give Freddie QUALITY of life and not LONGEVITY - this was an incredibly hard decision but the best for their beautiful boy.

It had been 2 months when I came to photograph Freddie - he came bounding out to the car and you would truly never know that all this has been happening. He is the happiest, most loving, adorable guy. He continues on his special diet and regime of exercise & unlimited love + cuddles from mum and dad Yolanda on their beautiful property in Oak Beach.

We love you Freddie and wish you many more doggy years - you make the world a brighter place

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